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public relationsDo you want to see your website on the top of the search results? Our Brand Mention services can help you achieve that goal.

If you have a business, online or otherwise, our world class brand mention services can help you get to the top of the search engine results in the shortest span of time. We help you connect with publications that fit your brand image and gain access to a whole new network of audiences.


What Are Brand Mentions?

It is when a company or a brand is mentioned in a blog post, article or NEWS websites, the instance is referred to as Brand mention. Such brand mentions usually appear in the form of achievements, quotes, complaints, reviews, educational content or expert opinion articles.

The reviews should come from someone regarded as an expert in the field and when a company is mentioned in such a high-authority website, it gets a boost in Search Engine Optimisation, Branding and traffic.

Why Brand Mentions?

Brand Mentions is a strategy that help in the better measurement for brand authority and equip against brand manipulation. It is also a very important strategy for SEO, which helps in improving online reputation and keyword rankings.

  1. Increases Traffic
  2. Improves Online Reputation
  3. Boost Branding
  4. Show Expertise
  5. Improves Rankings

What Do We Do In Brand Mentions?

Content Solutions provides high quality content by a dedicated and talented team of writers and editors. We help you to get your brand mentioned in blog posts and articles of a third party website. Moreover, we take care of outreach and also make the connections for you, but it is you who choose the publishers.

Our brand mention services function in several levels. These are as follows:

  1. After you have selected the publishers you would prefer to work with, we will then need you to provide us with the link that you would like to include in the article. There can any be other specifications as well which you may like us to include in the article.
  2. In the next step, the role of our writers comes into play as they propose new ideas for the article ordered by you. However, it will be subject to your approval.
  3. We will then get in touch with the publishers chosen by you and confirm whether they are willing to allow the article on the selected story idea to appear on their websites.
  4. On receiving the “go ahead” signal from the publishers, our writers will start working on the article.
  5. The article will then be thoroughly proofread and edited for any kind of error.
  6. After ensuring that the article met all the standards, we will forward you the draft for review.
  7. Once you have approved the article, we will then submit it to the publication.
  8. Lastly, we will inform you when the stories are published, so that you can see them live.


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Why Choose Us?

There are so many brand mention companies out there, then why choose us? Well, we offer you benefits, that none would. Take a look at the benefits that we provide against those offered by other companies.

01. We give you freedom of choice

At Content Solutions we let you take the final decision. Hence you have the final say in every step we take, giving you complete autonomy. You approve the content and the publishers.

02. We Have 50+ happy clients

We have published over 200+ guest posts and 500+ Brand Mentions on high quality publisher’s websites.

03. Expertise

At Content Solutions you will be able work with a highly skilled and competent team that knows exactly what it takes to deliver a successful outcome.

04. Affordability

Content Solutions assures you the best services at the most affordable rates. We provide our clients flexible rates so that all companies, irrespective of their sizes, can afford us.

05. Results Guaranteed

The return on the investment that you make is beyond dispute. If you choose to work with us, you can be certain that you have invested your money and trust in the right company. We are a brand mention service provider that believes that the first class companies deserve first class services.

If you want to let more people know about your company and its services or products, contact us now for an in depth discussion.

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